Branding Services

We meticulously analyze your brand to extract its core values and distinctive qualities, enabling us to craft a compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Through our expertise and strategic insights, we help you cultivate a powerful and authentic brand that captivates, connects and drives success.

Brand Presentation

A brand presentation includes the following:

Business/Brand information
Mood Board
1 Logo concept
Logo variations
Color Palette
Brand Pattern (optional)
Social media sample layout

  • Not sure where to start?

    That's why our first step is a FREE discovery call, where we will talk about your brand and your expectations of your business.

  • Brainstorm

    This step is very important. We will work together to gather all the information needed to create your brand presentation & the specific strategy for your brand.

  • Design

    This is the best and fun step! Once you receive your designs you will have the chance to give feedback and request any changes if needed.

  • Finito!

    After your approval and you are 100% happy with your new branding, you will receive your final files.


All projects designed by SoFlo Hustle are designed with research and intention. Your designs should reflect your business goals, values and mission which is why each project is backed with strategy.
  • Logo

  • Extras

  • Custom Icon

  • Primary Logo

    The font used for this logo was just the perfect combination for the salon and the fact that is wavy like "hair" and soothing as an oasis.

  • Logo Variations

    Logo with a common quote used in the salon. Stamp like variation.

  • Color arrangements

    Always offering different color arrangements. This is perfect so clients can see how they can play with their color palette and keep the branding on point.

  • Primary logo

    Main logo with slogan. In this case we used the "U" and the "P" to create a mug shape that identifies a coffee mug without any doubts. Slogan to reach their customers to a deeper level.

  • Logo Variations

    This gives the brand the flexibility to show up consistently and recognizably in different placements. They should all be recognizable, versatile and mainly to complement it's overall identity.

  • Mockups

    Showing customers how their brand would look in real life.

  • Mood Board

    The mood board displays the brand's vision. It shows a direction for the brand. It also helps with social media guidance.

  • Primary Logo

    Logo explanation:

    A smooth and round font to represt the owners practice with clients. Connecting both names through the "a" & "d" to represent that the owner is there with the client through the whole healing process. Client's favorite color is Sage.

  • Color Palette

    Displaying the main color the customer is aligned with. Connecting with colors that will contrast and standout next to the primary brand's color. We added all the shades that can be used as well as the complementary colors for social media use.